Sunday, June 21, 2015

Something Novel...

moved for obvious reasons...

Below is only for discussing the graphic novel (sub)route option.

What 'material' are we talking?
1. 100 pages standard screenplay format, which comes down to 50-60 pages standard book format ('fleshed out' that would easily surpass the 100-120 pages), approx. the same number of pages (60-62) if used to make a graphic novel. That's standard Casterman (A4 paper) format (TinTin for instance).
2. Needs editing and shortening to optimize graphic novel format.
3. Movie screenplay has an additional 'narrative layer' that will not be used in the graphic novel.
4. Type of graphic artist 'wanted'? Sean Phillips. The guys who wrote/drew the classic 'Gotham by Gaslight - A Tale of the Batman'. Important: cinematographic feel (camera angles) and the ability to give 13 characters distinctive facial features and expressions (never a strong point, even with artists like Sean Phillips).

NB: During the writing process subsequent versions have been registered with the American Writers Guild.